ACNA is the largest not for profit supplier of assessment, coordination and case management services in Australia, delivering high-quality services on behalf of Federal and State Governments.

What do we do?

Our charter says…

Access Care Network Australia provides assessment, coordination and case management services to connect eligible people with supports that build on their strengths.

But don’t let the jargon fool you.

We're in business to change lives.  

We do that by helping our clients (and their families) get the support they need to live life their way.   

And we do that by starting with a really great assessment.

Who are we?

Our clients call us lots of different names. Genuine. Brilliant. Approachable. A little bit cheeky. Helpful. Caring. Lovely. Relentless. 

But we just call us ourselves ACNA. Meet some of us.

What makes us tick?

Simple. We want people to be their best. 

But at ACNA this isn’t something we just write on a poster: ‘being our best’ is a way of life. It’s our credo. It’s a life-long personal commitment to be…

Always learning 

Always growing 

Always sharing

What does it take to do what we do?

Three things. People. People and People. 

First, we only hire in the words of clients – “amazing beautiful souls” and never, ever, break that rule! Our recruitment process is unashamedly tough (and our training is even tougher!) because what we do at ACNA is a privilege – not an obligation.  So, we only hire people when we are absolutely confident they’ve got what it takes to make a difference. Think you do?  Then join us!

Second, you need great leaders. Leaders with relentlessly high standards. Leaders that don’t settle for the status quo. Leaders that live and breathe our leadership principles.

Last of all, you need to measure success in people, not data points. We’re yet to find a data point that captures the life-changing impact of an assessment that gives a daughter’s 92-year-old father the renewed confidence to live independently. But each and every day we get a front row seat to these amazing client stories that remind us all why we’re here (and the life-changing power of really great assessments!).

With all our focus on people you might get the impression we’re anti-technology.  Not at all! But in delivering over 400,000 assessments we’ve found technology comes second to the power of conversation.

ACNA Activity

982,000 hours

spent in homes of our clients


the number of assessments we've performed


2.4 million sqm

the service area we cover

Our Board

Our Board of Directors is comprised of community and national leaders.

Our Executive Team

Our Executive Team is led by Chief Executive Officer Dr. Ricki Smith. The team is made up of our Clinical Director, Executive Director Aged Care and Executive Director Access and Support.

Our Services

ACNA provides support to various communities across most Australian states and territories.