People being their best. At ACNA this isn’t something we just write on a poster: ‘being our best’ is a way of life. It’s our credo. It’s our life-long personal commitment.

Meet some of us


'I can’t underestimate the privilege to me of being an assessor, it is about the best job I could imagine doing. I get welcomed into people’s homes to take a glimpse into the very private parts of their lives and they will often open up to me more than even some close friends and family. I get to make them feel safe, heard and valued. I have the opportunity to show them their strengths and make them feel good about how they have problem solved to get themselves to this point. It is an opportunity to see someone for who they are, their strengths, what has got them through life to this point and then their struggles and see how we can problem solve together to keep them living the life they want to so that it is meaningful for them.' - Janine

Clinical Assessor

'As a physiotherapist I love taking the time to get them moving, introducing them to the notion that “motion is lotion for their joints”.  I celebrate the things they can do and make sure I reinforce the safety measures the home has implemented.   Throughout the process I look for opportunities to learn their stories: the work they did either in the workforce or in the home, about their families, travels, or the challenges they have faced.  My aim is to leave the room with a smile on each of our faces.' - Jacqueline


'People, people, people. It’s all about the love of people being their best. I always want to support my team to achieve their best so they can support our client to achieve their best.  Any one that knows me well knows my motto is I do what I love and I love what I do.  Leading is the most fulfilling position of my career as I get to share everyday with such a diverse, energetic and enthusiastic group of people. I get to be the person the team share their stories, experiences and challenges with as they go out every day to explore the lives of our clients and make a positive impact in the most meaningful way, by being present.’ - Tania

Client Services and Support

‘You must tell Hilda how lovely she was to speak with over the phone.  I could picture her in my head being just the kind of lady always prepared with a warm hug.  She listened to me and I could tell she knew her job well and generally cared for our situation.’ – A happy ACNA client