Dr. Ricki Smith, CEO

Having spent most of my working life in advertising, insurance and banking I found my true calling when I started ACNA in 2011, a place where I have been able to lead with both my head and my heart. I am most proud of the impact our team has had on helping more than 400,000 Australians get access to the advice, strategies and supports they need to live rich, full lives which I put down to hiring great people who want to do great things, have values that align strongly with ours – and then getting out of their way! While I have three degrees to my name, culminating in a Doctorate degree where I explored the impact of strategic alliances on consumer perspectives, I have learned far more from listening to the ACNA team and its clients, exploring the world on a Churchill Fellowship and basically walking through every door that opened to see what was behind it. (PS great things were behind most – and those that weren’t great I learned from.)

Ro Hogan, Clinical Director

Registered nurse and midwife, part time sailor who started with ACNA in 2021. Over a 40+ year career I have the opportunity to be involved in some great hospitals, communities and home care services whilst in nursing and health care related roles - for example, running the corporate services at a large health service in Melbourne for 6 months while we were recruiting. I learnt a lot about building carparks and planning permits! Along the way there has been quite a bit of study ending up with a Master’s in Business Administration from Monash University and Mount Eliza Business School. I am still studying, but the focus is mostly on sailing; most weekends will see me sailing/racing on the Swan River in Western Australia. What I love about my current role is the opportunity to be involved with a growing organisation, where we facilitate Australian’s to actively engage in the support they need. Plus I get to use some of the skills and information I have gained along the way.

Rebecca Woods, Executive Director Aged Care

25 years in management finally landed me my dream job! Working with teams, teams of teams and our leaders to achieve some really amazing stuff all around Australia…and I get a front row seat on how we attract the most talented people in Australia, grow and learn with them, and build one of Australia’s best and fastest growing workforces. And here is the cred you expect to see on a bio…I hold a Master of Management, am having a good crack at a Master of Philosophy (Aged Care Workforce Capability) and was admitted as a Fellow of the Australian HR Institute in recognition of achievements in workforce transformation and contribution to the profession. I continue to contribute through my position on two Boards in Australia in addition to my work as an executive in ACNA.

Sarah Henry, Executive Director Access and Support

I have been in leadership roles in the social services sector since 2005, and specifically home and community care support, in various service delivery and operational management roles. I’m practical and inclusive in my approach, and have a strong belief that great client outcomes and commercial success is delivered by effective systems and supporting/ enabling teams to succeed and be happy in their roles. As a Registered Nurse, I have been fortunate to work both in private and public health sectors, with a passion for aged care, wellness, rehabilitation and reablement. I am committed to ensuring the highest standards of customer service. Through my experience running my own businesses successfully, I found it important to understand a business from the ground up and how it meets the needs of the community. I enjoy encouraging others to reflect and have a strong continuous improvement focus. Each day I am learning from those around me and in the year ahead, I’m looking forward to doing my Company Directors Course. I’ve worked with, and learnt from, some amazing people both inside and outside the community sector along the way, who I am very grateful for. I love what I do and feel fortunate to be now contributing in an environment where people, purpose and impact, are front and centre.